Personal Matchmaking Provides A Safe Alternative To Online Dating

Dating can be an absolute nightmare for shy people. You want to meet the right person, but you’re too scared to do anything about it.

Introductions — sticking out one’s hand and looking another person in the eye — can be terrifying. The brain locks up as you scramble to think of something relevant to say. You fall apart as soon as you’re asked what you do for a living. You stammer.

The heat rises in your face and under your arms. You’re suddenly incapable of forming a grammatical sentence. You think to yourself, “Why would anyone care about me? I’m really not that interesting!”

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Dating and the Single Parent

February 29th, 2012

If you are a single parent and you have found yourself suddenly single, you might be a bit hesitant to start datingright away. This is perfectly normal, as you are probably going through the many stages of grief that eventually lead to an acceptance of your situation.

However, there is a point at which you will have to abandon self-pity and dust off your confidence and self-esteem so you can parade it before the world again. Although a certain mourning period is acceptable after a death or the break up of a marriage or long-term relationship, there are certain signs that you might be putting off the inevitable…

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Safe Dating Tips for Single Women

February 22nd, 2012

How to protect yourself while remaining open to love

Online dating is generally extremely safe because it is distance dating and lets you get to know your potential matches anonymously before you meet in person. This makes most people feel more comfortable and also allows you to pace yourself and be selective (which you should be).

However, there are still some basic safety rules for online dating you should observe before giving out personal contact information to a relative strangers or arranging to meet them. Even though everything is online, it’s still easy to get carried away, so take things slow. These tips may seem obvious, but following them will ensure your safety and make sure you have only good online dating experiences. And you never know: Mr. or Miss Right might be just around the corner!

  • Always trust your instinct — after all, it’s gotten you this far in life already

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Where To Find Single Geeks

February 15th, 2012

Being a geek no longer seems to be a bad thing these days. After all, those tech savvy geeks seem to have the most money in terms of earning capacity. What’s more, there are now some people who would want to look for single geeks to get to know better and maybe get into a relationship with them. But first, people would need to find where they are. Here are just some of the places to find them.

Online World

Comic Conventions

Silicon Valley

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By: Kimberly Kapilovic

If you’re a single woman and dateless for Valentine’s Day, here are some tips just for you.

Lindsley Lowell is the author of My Knight in Shining Armor is Coming…He’s Just Stuck in Traffic. In this book, Lowell tells of her adventures in dating and how she found her knight in shining armor. She writes how single women should never settle for anything less than the best and the importance of not losing hope in your chance for true love.

Lindsley’s Advice:

  • “Keep the faith – believe in yourself and that you deserve love. Watch movies that inspire you. Don’t read negative self-help books.
  • Try different avenues – setups through friends. Join new groups – meetups, etc. Online dating – a necessary evil for today’s modern woman.
  • Have a support system around you.
  • Love yourself. You are your biggest relationship.
  • Friends are your foundation. Get rid of any friends who are competitive, jealous or untrustworthy. Got a bragging, holier-than-thou married friend? Get rid of her.”

Online dating tips:

  • BE PATIENT – It can take a while. You probably won’t meet him in the first few dates.
  • TAKE NO PRISONERS – Don’t respond to guys you don’t like. Block the bad ones.
  • DO NOT MEET THEM FOR A MEAL – You will know in the first five minutes if you like them or not. Don’t create a “Last Supper” situation.
  • DO NOT GET EXCITED FOR THE DATE – It’s a meeting. Not a date.
  • DO NOT GET STUCK ON THE SMALL POINTS – Don’t nitpick. Clothes can be changed.
  • MEN ARE STUPID – They need help. Do your own searches to look for guys.
  • CHINESE WATER TORTURE – Do not email for months. If they don’t call or want to meet, move on.
  • PLAY THE FIELD – Don’t get fixated on one guy.
  • HAVE A LITTLE FAITH – It’s a second job and that takes time and energy and can be grueling at times. Take breaks if you need to.

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By Ronnie Ann Ryan

Billboard’s Woman of the Year, and 2012 three-time Grammy nominee, Taylor’s career achievements exceed her romantic success. According to a post from, she talked about lessons  learned from the heartbreak she has survived and time off from dating. If you think looking for love is tough for you, imagine being under the celebrity spotlight while dating!

What has Taylor gleaned from her previous relationships?

1) A Man Can’t Love You if He Doesn’t Know You
Swift shares how she now knows not to fall for men who profess love without knowing more than what can be found on her Wikipedia page. Good for you!  I would agree and I advise the same to my clients who meet men claiming to be in love instantly.

No matter who you are, don’t be taken in by men who say you are the “woman of their dreams” without having spent time getting to know the real you. The real you can never compete with a man’s idealized version of you.

There is no rush in dating. You can only get to know someone with time. If a man is rushing you into anything, hold off. Observe your date’s behavior over time. You want to see if the guy is sincere and if he demonstrates a consistent interest over time. That’s how you have a better sense of knowing his is real.

2) Respect and Acceptance Are “Must Have” Qualities
Another problem Taylor has had, is with men who don’t like her security team. She has come to realize that if a man doesn’t respect what she needs to be safe, he’s not the right guy for her. Bravo! Whether or not you are famous, this holds true for every woman. Look for a man who respects your needs and accepts you for who you are. And make sure you can offer him the same. This is a smart benchmark for a man and a relationship with superb long-term potential.

3) Value Time Alone When You Are Happy
The last point made by Swift is that she was happy to be solo over the recent holiday season, especially compared to last year after her devastating breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal. She’s also good with time off from dating to just enjoy her life and success. While Taylor considers herself to be a smart woman, she says she becomes “ridiculously stupid” when she’s in love.

Time off from the dating scene gives you a chance to thoroughly process the relationship, what you have learned and what you want to do differently next time. This is particularly true if you have a habit of losing sight of common sense when falling in love. Hey, it can happen to any romantically-minded person.

This is a smart strategy for single woman and one I share with my dating coachingclients. Take a step back, review your relationships and see what you have learned. When you take stock of your history, you are more likely to move forward without repeating the same mistakes.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Taylor and good luck with the Grammy Awards!

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by Marius Panzarella

Here are a few tips on how to prevent your partner
from cheating on you:

1) Make Sure They Have Good Character

First and foremost, make sure you only get into a
relationship with someone of good character. This will
be the biggest factor in whether your partner ends up
cheating on you or not.

So how do you judge a person’s character?

One easy way is by looking at their past
behavior. As I always say, “once a cheater, always a
cheater.” If a woman has a long history of adultery and
short relationships, I doubt she is going to behave any
differently with you. I know it sounds cynical, but
you SHOULD just people based on their past when it
comes to romantic relationships!

2) Make Sure You Are Romantic

Assuming you have a partner with good character,
you will also need to add in a bit of romance into your
relationship if you want it to work out in the long run.
A relationship without any spark will become stagnant
in the long run.

Block off some alone time every week. Have special
dates. Flirt like you’ve just met each other.

3) Make Sure You Remain a Challenge

People respect what they don’t have and treasure
what they may lose. For the relationship to work in the
long run, it is best that you remain a challenge to your
partner and not become a doormat for them to walk on.

If your partner knows that you have the backbone
to end the relationship as soon as they cheat on you,
they will think twice before doing it!

4) Make Sure You Show Affection

Show some affection by hugging your partner
or helping them with small chores. Show them respect
and appreciation. These little daily acts will help
stabilize the relationship in the long run.

Important Note: Showing too much affection without being
enough of a challenge will have detrimental effects. Your
partner will start seeing you as a needy person!

5) Make Sure You Don’t Commit Adultery Yourself

Lastly, make sure you respect your partner and do
not cheat on them yourself. It always baffles me how some of my
male readers totally flip out and come to me for help when
their wives cheat on them – when they’ve been doing the same
to their wives for years.

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Step 1: Spot a cute guy. Step 2: Deliver one of these pickup lines. Step 3: Watch him turn to putty in your hands.

By Gabrielle Frank

The hardest part of meeting guys is knowing how to strike up an intriguing conversation that will keep him wanting more. So we asked relationship experts Dan Lier and Mike Lindstrom, authors of Dan and Mike’s Guide to Men, to reveal the best words that can hook any dude, anywhere.

At a sports bar: “What’s the most impressive goal you’ve ever scored in a game?”
Double entendre aside, ahem, dudes love to talk about sports almost as much as they love to brag. This question taps into both of those things. Whether he tells you about his high school years as the star quarterback, or surprises you with a minor league past — just know he’s already digging you, simply because you asked.

At a club: “I dare you to show me your moonwalk.”
To a guy, completing a dare is as mandatory as applying deodorant in the morning. Moonwalk, Macarena, or The Dougie — he’s going to do it. And when he makes a complete clown out of himself, you’ll be there to swoop in and save him from his two left feet. We’re guessing he’ll repay you with a round of drinks.

At a restaurant bar: “They have the best nachos here. Ever tried ‘em?”
If they don’t serve nachos, choose another menu item nearly everyone has a strong opinion about, like pizza or wings. Best case? He agrees with you and you decide to share a plate. Worst case? He disagrees, you flirtatiously fight, and then you offer to buy him some — just to prove him wrong. It’s a win-win line that will have any guy eating off of your plate. Literally.

At a friend’s party: “I wanted to talk to you the second I got here, but no one introduced me. So I’m introducing myself.”
Men are attracted to confident women. He’ll think the fact you had the chutzpah to approach him is hot. Sure, some guys like to make the first move, but that doesn’t mean they’re not pleasantly surprised when a woman does the legwork.

At the laundromat: “I’m bored. What do you normally do when your underwear is drying?”
Guys are extremely visual creatures. Even though you mentioned his underwear, he’s automatically thinking about yours — and the fact that they’re probably black and lacy, or barely there at all. So basically, you’ve got him hooked, and even if your only awesome suggestion is a quick round of Fruit Ninja on your phone, count him in.

At the park: “Any ideas on how to turn this blanket into a Twister board? I really want to play.”
This shows a guy that you’re fun, playful, and energetic — all in one quick line. He’ll be curious to see what other crazy thoughts you dream up next.

At a baseball game: “I bet you a post-game drink that (insert player’s name) will hit a home run this inning.”
It’s human nature for men to be competitive, and there’s nothing like a harmless wager to get ‘em going. He’ll probably raise the stakes, turn the drink into a shot, and spend the rest of the game talking to you. So even if that player with the cute rear doesn’t hit a home run — that line just scored you an after-game date.

At the gym: “You look like you know your way around this place. Where’s that machine that works your glutes?”
While we consistently flatter our girlfriends (“Your hair looks so cute today! Love that top!”), guys rarely receive compliments from one another. So when they hear one, they take note. By saying he knows his way around the weight room, you’re telling him he looks buff and manly, feeding right into his macho ego. In return he’ll be more than willing to help you find whatever machine you’re looking for … and probably a whole lot more too.

On the beach: “I bet you’re wondering how I avoid tan lines.”
Nope. He wasn’t. But after that comment, that’s all that will be on his mind as long as you’re laying next to him. And if it’s up to him, you’ll stay right there, talking to him …. At least until you give up your secret about being a spray tan addict.

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Want some real dating advice for women? Your friends are great. They know you, they know your dating history, they know the kind of men you go for, who better is there to get advice for relationships?

But let me ask you this: Has the approach you’ve taken got you the results you want?

The mistake that I encounter the most when coaching women is the absolute belief they have in the wisdom of their friends.

Yet with most of our friends there are two things you should know about their relationships:

a. They just fell into them by sheer fluke

b. Their relationship isn’t as good as it looks

As a result, these friends often give us terrible advice.

I became passionate about starting a company that offers dating advice for women from men to fight this problem.

How To Get A Date In The Next Week

Let’s talk results.

How can you get a date within a week? Women will tell you never to approach men and they are right in principle but low on imagination.

What you are going to do for the next week is take every opportunity to talk to the opposite sex.

Every time you are interested in someone you see you are going to say this; “Hi, you don’t know where there’s a coffee shop around here that isn’t Starbucks?”

Before he answers say “You don’t work for Starbucks do you?”

When he says no (which I’m guessing will happen most of the time) say “You just gave me a face that made me think you were offended.”

Further Steps- How To Get His Phone Number

The truth is most men don’t have the confidence or skill to turn the opportunity in to a request for your phone number.

But – The longer you keep conversation flowing the greater the chance he will feel comfortable enough to ask for a date.

Try and make the exchange increasingly more personal. Ask him if this is the area he lives in, comment on his accent, see if this leads to where he comes from.

When you feel you have a good rapport with him say that you don’t really know any good places around the area, and comment that you really need a tour guide.

To be frank, if he isn’t able to take this opportunity then he is not of high enough value for you, you need a man who is sociable.

Our Approach- Creating Your Own Luck

The thing about dating advice given from men is we know what is attractive and what isn’t.

It is difficult for women to lead interactions; women don’t like it and neither do men. But you can work around this by structuring the interaction to present clear opportunities for the man to pick up on.

He will still think he pulled you because in truth, he did.

We believe in women being an active participant in choosing their partner.

Remember: You can either WAIT or CREATE!

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